The future is grim*

*unless we  will finally get our act together.

Are we doomed?

I cannot deny that fits my profile. We are not really taking care of the earth. It is impossible to ignore the multiple challenges we face these days, but still we refuse to act. Even though we have both the knowledge and the possibility to solve the problems we face. Problems, such as climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution but also poverty and unequal treatment. People keep saying it is impossible to solve these problems, or they are too complex to tackle. This however is solely a diversionary manoeuvre. It is possible and complexity is an invitation to apply a truly integrated approach.

The Finisterre Project

The Finisterre Project is an ongoing body of work on people and the human relation with our planet. It is driven by increased astonishment, science and idealism. This page is under constant development.

Finisterre I – The Original Chaos

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