Welcome to The House of Thoughts

Please feel free to browse around. As no cognitive process is really linear, starting with ROOM B ensures you to get some information about the artist first. The center piece is in ROOM A and is an attempt to allow you to experience the actual condition of my mind, the conscious stream of thoughts. It might be overwhelming; alas, it is for me.

The exhibition is best viewed with SOUND ON and FULL SCREEN (Win: F11 / Mac: Command-Control-F).

To go to a room, click a character on the map!

A – The Central Chamber of Chaos: How it really works inside my head, all thoughts popping up at the same time, each doing its utmost best to draw maximum attention. It can be overwhelming, dystopian. In its mildest form it’s just chaos.

B – Introduction and escape room: more about the artist and a place to escape from the chaos

C – It’s all fully rational: The rational side

D – How about the future: Where the worries about the future kick in

E – The room of exploded fears: My darkest hours ever

F – A failed attempt to kill my demons: no rest for the wicked

G – I feel, I think.