Introduction to the artist

I am a visual artist, working in photography, video, screen printing and digital collage. Since my graduation as environmental scientist and lawyer, more than two decades ago, I have been working in international environmental policy making. I also had the joy of a quite insignificant but tremendously fun and intense music career. With age came the inner urge to express myself in a different way so I reverted to an old passion and decided to pursue a career as a photographer. In 2020 I started my education at the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam to strengthen my voice as an artist. 

Photography is the sublimation of my desire to tell stories. Stories about the intricate relationship between humanity, society and environment. Stories about distorted memories. Stories about clearly questionable decisions. Why do we behave the way we do? How do we deal with the unimaginable amount of knowledge, choices and opinions and the sheer impossibility to understand it all? What traces do we leave? What does this all mean and where does it bring us? How to fathom mankind?

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