I am a visual artist and use photography, video and sound to manifest my perception of the world. The field of tension between know and fear is central to my work, in particular my fear of the future of the world. Even though society as it is clearly passed its expiry date, mankind still remains dismissive and continues down the current road. In my work I investigate my fear and try to make the consequences of our action, or better inaction, tangible.

This translates in dark images, often with a threatening, alienating and dystopic undertone. The fear becomes visible and even palpable, without spelling everything out. My approach is filmic; scene-setting without a specific time and place, in the absence of  people, and without direct clarity about what happend of what will happen. From the darkness, a word becomes visible by the use of scarce lighting. The light shapes the darkness en pulls you into the word. But which world?

Art is the sublimation of my desire to tell stories. Stories about the intricate relationship between humanity, society and environment. Stories about distorted memories. Stories about clearly questionable decisions. Why do we behave the way we do? How do we deal with the unimaginable amount of knowledge, choices and opinions and the sheer impossibility to understand it all? What traces do we leave? What does this all mean and where does it bring us? How to fathom mankind?

I am a member of the [lens based] art collective The Land Behind The Mirror