Year Zero

Category : Thoughts

When I was reading the poetry book ‘Habitus’ by the Dutch writer Radna Fabias, I stumbled upon her poem ‘Vader’ (father):


en de oude man ging naar de zee en de oude man ving niks meer en de oude man vond daar zijn nietigheid. 
/- Radna Fabias – Habitus/


I won’t go as far as saying this was an eye opener, but when I read it, it was the right time, with the right state of mind, the right amount of events outside my span of control and in a phase of life where questioning of the raison d’être is ubiquitous.

With age came the inner urge to express myself in a different way. Realising I needed different means to tell stories, I reverted to an old passion and decided to pursue a career as a photographer. To strengthen my voice as an artist, I recently started my education at the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam. 

So, a new phase of my far but epic search to the layers of endless complexity called life starts here. This is my (next) Year Zero. Welcome to my journey.